This is the page that shows the Biographies of all the Certified PGA Golf Professionals that are teaching for us. Right now the Pros we have are all Class A Certified and have been through the Program of Golf School.Take a look below!!


Jason Malecha, Former Class A PGA Certified Golf Professional

Director of Instruction

Jason has been a Golf Professional since 2006 and loves teaching the Golf Swing. He has written books and created training aids to help people become better golfers. His new thing is this website along with the Software he designed that will be released soon. Jason loves the game of golf and loves teaching all ranges of ability. The connections that Jason has made over the years of playing golf professionally, has really influenced him to expand his reach outside of Colorado. He wants to teach everyone all over the World and see what the game of Golf is like in other countries.

Jimmy (The Goat) McMillian, Class A PGA Apprentice Golf Professional

Assistant Golf Professional

Born and raised in Colorado. Jimmy loves playing Golf. He has played on the mini-Tours as well and also in the U.S. Open twice. He is a very good Golfer and is just becoming a Teaching Professional. Jimmy has been an Apprentice for the last 3 years and now has become a Class A Teaching Professional. He is a very good instructor and knows the golf swing inside and out. Jimmy is also a very personable guy and gets along with everyone. He loves teaching the game of golf to all levels and abilities. 

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