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Accuracy First and Distance Will Follow - But Be Consistent Too



(Your Power comes from the lower body driving through the ball. Get your hands and arms to catch up and you'll do just fine.)

Most beginners have one thing in mind, and that is to hit the ball as far as possible.
Many golfers never quite get out of this mindset and this is one of the reasons why they will never get the distance that they are capable of hitting the ball.

The wise golfer will practice for accuracy first and concentrate on the distance once they have mastered the art of control.

It's not much point hitting the big yards off the tee if the ball is going to end up on another fairway or in the rough.
All you will succeed in doing is making the following shots all the more difficult.

A drive down the center of the fairway, albeit a few yards shorter, will set you up for a better approach shot and a lower round score.

By playing with smaller, more controlled swings, you will gain control of your shots sooner and you will progress to the longer distances faster.

You will be learning correct techniques that will hold you in good steed for the rest of your playing career.

By developing accuracy first, you will also be lengthening the distance of your drives and will, in fact, hit the ball further.

By starting with smaller swings it will be easier to train your body to develop the correct actions, and these actions will always be needed when you progress to the longer drives.

As you master your swing, you can progress to a full swing knowing that you will have the control to hit the ball in the right direction.

This combination of correct action and a full swing will ensure you will hit the ball further than would be possible if you had only aimed for the big shots from the outset.

If you find that your drives are going wayward, then it would be wise to focus on control, even if that means limiting your swing until you are hitting the ball straight.

Consistency is the hardest part of golf.

It is not possible for any human, Tiger Woods included, to hit the golf ball perfectly 100% of the time.

What good golfers can do however is consistently hit the ball very well most of the time, and near perfectly quite a lot of the time.

It is this consistency that sets them apart and even those at the top of their game have days when they don't get their shots right enough of the time.

There is only one thing that can really help any golfer get that consistency and that is through practice.

But there is another matter that needs to be addressed when talking about consistency and golf and that is - Consistently bad shots.

The more you do anything consistently the more it will become natural behavior and this applies to poor technique too.

The sooner you address poor golf techniques, the sooner you will be able to practice the correct methods that will replace them and make those actions second nature.

For example, the swing here by Sir Charles Barkley himself. This needs work, but he's taken so many lessons and so many different teachers that his swing is completely messed up. His practice swing is fantastic but getting over the ball something changes mentally and no one can figure it out for him. Take a look.

And that's the downswing :( YIKES!

This is why it is recommended that everyone should get professional instruction before learning bad techniques that will need to be relearned at a later time.

I would even go to the extent of advising a newcomer to the sport to have lessons before ever attempting to play a round.

Or alternatively, learn how to use one club well, probably the 7 iron, and play a whole round, or nine holes, using only the 7 iron and a putter.

I knew of one player who made dramatic improvements to his game by using this technique and he had been playing for years.

He started playing golf with only the 7-iron and his putter until he perfected his swing and then introduced other clubs one at a time.

After getting his swing right with the 7-iron, mastering the other clubs was relatively simple.

Now, I don't recommend doing something like that but if you feel it will help then by all means, go for it!!

Keep practicing and make sure you sign up for the Golf Lesson Courses. Those courses are designed to improve your game very quickly. Once you take the lesson course make sure to get the swings uploaded so we can take a look at them and get you swinging correctly. 

If you ever have questions here is my personal cell number: 720.572.9091 

Call anytime day or night and I'll try and answer and help you fix the swing.

This is Jason Malecha below



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